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Limited Edition Freestyle Ski - 96mm waist

$689 USD

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5 year warranty Made in the USA 4.9 Google Rating
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Lightweight and Durable Park Ski

The Gilson Park Ski delivers lightweight performance with long lasting durability. Designed to minimize swing weight, our park ski allows for fast footed swaps on rails and fully tweaked grabs. The camber underfoot brings explosive pop to your takeoffs, and the early rise tips deliver controlled nose butters and high-energy nollies.

Our high-strength edge is formed from heavy duty steel and adhered with 19 oz triaxial fiberglass under perfectly uniform pressure, reducing blow outs and maximizing the life of the ski.

We know all park skis take a lot of abuse, and the most demanding skiers can go through multiple pairs per season-- we don't like that for you, your wallet or for our planet. Instead of designing a cheaper ski that is bound to be destroyed, we created our park ski to let you do the destroying. With your sweet moves. again and again. For years to come.

Hand Made in America by Gilson to ensure consistent quality and jaw-dropping performance.


steepsteep Pro Model Fusions

We are incredibly stoked to drop this Limited Release of 50 pairs of steepsteep skis. In collaboration with steepsteep, we built his signature ski on our award-winning 96mm freestyle skis. With crisp, vivid colors, these skis are one of our favorites we've ever built.

Winner of Newschoolers Best of Test two years in a row, this ski absolutely dominates in the park while turning the entire mountain into your playground. Built to play everywhere, this ski delivers incredibly playful and surfy agility paired with aggressive carving and a snappy response.

Experience a new pair of skis from one of the world's fastest growing ski makers, and see why we've received 4.9 of 5 stars on over 500 Reviews online. Every ski we build is proudly 100% made in 🇺🇸

Winner of the Newschoolers BEST OF TEST award.

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161 112mm / 111mm 96mm 26.5m
171 120mm / 114mm 96mm 22.4m
181 123mm / 117mm 96mm 21.6m
5 Year
Poplar Hardwood
Hybrid Soft Edge & Butter Pad
Sintered Ptex
8mm Camber Underfoot
Early Rise Nose
Steep steep

ARTIST BIO: steepsteep

Ayo! My name’s Nick and I like Skiing.

I started the steepsteep YouTube channel 5 years ago when I fractured my L5 vertebrae for the second time. Since my first upload, the channel has enabled me to travel the world and share my fiery passionate love for this thing we call Skiing. Thanks to Gilson, I have the right gear for the job. Also, big Taco Bell fan.

Steep Steep

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Built to Last. 5-Year Warranty

We're here to keep you Flying High and Sliding Smooth.
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Skis that will take a beating, because we know what you put your equipment through.
Long lasting durability so you never miss a day with your crew.

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