Limited Edition All Mountain Skis


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Artist: Kristina Nowakowski

The Kristina Nowakowski x Gilson collaboration brings some of the wildest and most intricate sharpie designs to snow sports. Kristina begins with a sharpie and blank piece of paper and she lets her imagination take over. She never knows where she'll end up. This piece, selected from a collection of thousands, pairs Kristina's finest work with the natural beauty of Pennsylvania Poplar, creating a visually stunning piece that turns heads on snow.

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Kristina nowakowski

ARTIST BIO: Kristina Nowakowski

Kristina has a love for art in all forms, especially singing, musicals/plays, photography, filmmaking, and drawing. Kristina began drawing when she was in high school and it became one of her passions. She is very much a rule follower in her every day life, which is why her artwork became extremely important to her, as it served as a safe space for her to make mistakes and think outside of the box. There are no rules or methods to her madness. Kristina draws what she feels in the moment and allows herself the freedom to see where it takes her.