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We Are 2

Limited Edition East Coast Carver Skis

$695 USD

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5 year warranty Made in the USA 4.9 Google Rating
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Consistently reliable performance in all conditions

The Gilson Carving Ski is a lightweight, high-quality performance ski designed by East Coast skiers to tackle the toughest days.

At 84mm underfoot, this Ski delivers rapid edge-to-edge transitions, a lively and energetic feel, and decisive edge hold for powerful carving.

Like most of us, the Gilson Carving Ski loves to travel west for a bit of t-shirt skiing, but it is uniquely capable of handling bullet proof, sub-zero days back east with lengthy, cambered and razor-sharp effective edges.

This ski has emerged as a favorite amongst dedicated resort skiers who demand fast and responsive performance, no matter the conditions.

Plain and simple, when you ask this equipment to do something, it does it... and right away.

Hand Made in America by Gilson to ensure consistent quality you can always trust.


For fans of the Blue and White.

Introducing the We Are 2 - the latest design by PSU graduate, Kristina Nowakowski. Built on our best carving ski, the We Are 2 pairs iconic artwork and a touch of nostalgia with one of the world's highest performing skis.

At Gilson Snow, we're proud of our Pennsylvania roots, and we don't care that we sometimes get a side eye for not moving to "some place snowboard and ski companies should be." We've since been named one of Outside Magazine's favorite brands born in America and the #1 Small Brand in Snow Sports by RedyYeti. Our PA made powder board just got ranked #1 by Jackson Hole's Mountain Weekly News-- just a few highlights to underscore that it's a bad idea to underestimate Pennsylvania. Turns out, some Blue and White Engineering goes a long way on the mountain. These skis will have you ripping like never before and feeling proud of your shared roots.

We build each pair of We Are skis from sustainably harvested PA Poplar trees in our artisan manufacturing facility in Winfield, just 45 minutes down the road from campus. The clear top and base of the We Are 2 shows off the locally grown trees behind the artwork.

We're proud to offer fans of the Blue and White the ability to rep their favorite team wherever their travels take them. WE ARE!

#1 rated Gilson Ski for East Coast

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153 130mm / 120mm 84mm 12.3m
162 130mm / 120mm 84mm 14.2m
171 130mm / 120mm 84mm 17.3m
184 130mm / 120mm 84mm 18.6m
5 Year
Poplar Hardwood
East Coast Carver
Gilson Edge on Nose
Sintered Ptex
8mm Camber
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ARTIST BIO: Kristina Nowakowski

Kristina, a graduate of PSU, has a love for art in all forms, especially singing, musicals/plays, photography, filmmaking, and drawing. Kristina began drawing when she was in high school and it became one of her passions. She is very much a rule follower in her every day life, which is why her artwork became extremely important to her.

"Each of my designs are hand drawn with Sharpie markers. The thing I love most about designing is that there are no rules or methods to my madness. As soon as I put pen to paper, I let my imagination run wild. I like to think that each of my designs are an expression of different parts of myself as there are many unique layers to every individual. My art has become a safe space for me to make mistakes, be myself, and express those parts of me that I simply cannot put into words."

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Built to Last. 5-Year Warranty

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