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Undead Blue Night

Limited Edition Freestyle Hybrid Camber Snowboard

$639 USD

This design was available during a limited release.

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Award Winning Freestyle Model

The Gilson Hybrid-Camber merges our award-winning freestyle model with the latest in hybrid-camber technology, yielding a snowboard that charges the mountain and dominates the park.

The Hybrid-Camber model is blunted 3cm in the nose and 3cm in the tail, which makes the board measure a full 6cm shorter, but keeps the same effective edge and the same amount of surface area in contact with the snow. As a result, the hybrid-camber delivers the stability of a board one size up with the agility of a board one size down.

The Gilson Edge and Butter Pad design features enhance your board's contact with the snow, giving you the latest in playful performance handling.


One Day ONLY - the Blue Night

Introducing the Undead Blue Night - special edition Colorway, available for one day ONLY, on January 21st. When the clock strikes midnight, we'll end sales on the Blue Night for good, so this is your only chance to pick up this unique Limited Edition colorway.

We created the Undead for the rider who wants a performance snowboard that can charge hard but still knows how to get down and play. The Soft Edge and Butter Pad design features make The Undead one of the most butterable snowboards on the market, and the full-wrap steel edge and hybrid-camber profile make it a charger than can handle big drops, top-speed carves, and uneven terrain.

Our 28 insert pack gives you tons of customization with binding setup, and also allows you to move to a setback stance for those deep powder days. The nose and tail are blunted 3cm each, meaning that the board supports and performs like it is 6cm bigger than it measures. So, a 149cm Undead is really like a 155cm All Mountain-- they have the same effective edge and surface area in contact with the snow for float, but the Undead measures 6cm shorter and is way more agile in the trees, in the air, and certainly when fully laid out in butters.

The Undead is for those who love to charge but still know how to play and get loose.

#1 Best Selling Gilson Snowboard of 2020. Tried, tested, and rider approved.

Crest best seller 2020
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100 212mm 186mm 458cm
130 261mm 233mm 833cm
139 261mm 223mm 7.35m
144 286mm 246mm 7.85m
149 293mm 251mm 8.16m
154 300mm 253mm 7.93m
154W 316mm 271mm 8.30m
159W 318mm 275mm 8.95m
5 Year
Poplar Hardwood
Freestyle Hybrid Camber
Soft Edge & Butter Pad
Sintered Ptex
9mm Cambered Hybrid
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Built to Last. 5-Year Warranty

We're here to keep you Flying High and Sliding Smooth.
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Snowboards that will take a beating, because we know what you put your equipment through.
Long lasting durability so you never miss a day with your crew.

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