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Powder Snowboard

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Award-winning Powder Snowboard

The Gilson Powder Snowboard surfs above deep snow with it's signature fluid-dynamics enabled base design and lightweight construction, minimizing leg burn and delivering fast, responsive, and seductively smooth transitions.

The Fly was created with a singular goal: to prove what's possible with the Gilson Snow Fluid Dynamics design process.

Since its first release, the Gilson Fly has earned more awards than any other snowboard in the history of Gilson Snow, and it has climbed to the top of Jackson Hole's Mountain Weekly List for the best Powder Snowboards, ranking #1 in the spring of 2020.

The Fly brings together a thoughtful balance of surface area and agility, paired with a setback stance and a deep Swallow Tail. The high surface area nose keeps you floating freely, and the low surface area Swallow Tail allows for rear sink, keeping your nose up even on Mother Nature's deepest days. The Pow-Funnel directs fluid-like snow into the Pow-Channel, generating lift and shooting the soft snow down the center of the board and out the tail. The Gilson Edge design unlocks surfy and smooth transitions whether you're in 3" of fresh or in need of a snorkel. The camber underfoot loads up powerful carves and pop, and gives way to a gentle early rise nose for effortless glide.

Nicholas Gilson built his first fluid dynamics enabled snowboard when he was 14, and he was laughed out of a patent lawyers office for being a kid. Now, almost two decades later, the awards and recognitions mean a lot, but it was Nick's first run on the Fly that brought him to tears.

You just have to feel it for yourself. No number of awards, recognitions or words on a page can recreate the feeling.


What people are saying about the Fly:

"The uniquely designed Pow Funnel and Channel deliver extra lift, while a stiffer flex pattern lets you cook up some snappy turns and deep carves. If you’re looking for the best snowboard for powder riding, you’ll be stoked you chose the Gilson Fly whether there’s a few inches of freshies or a metric butt ton of big P." - Jackson Hole's Mountain Weekly News

"If you’re looking for the best snowboard for powder riding, you’ll be stoked you chose the Gilson Fly" -Jackson Hole's Mountain Weekly News

Crest best powder
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156 300mm 253mm 7.93m
Poplar Hardwood
Soft Edge & Pow Funnel
4001 Sintered Ptex
Camber to Early Rise Nose
Graph powder
Word cloud powder

Built to Last. 5-Year Warranty

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We're only given so many Pow days a year.
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Here's to Face Shots and Snow Beards.
Long lasting durability so you can revel in Mother Nature's best days.

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