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Limited Edition All Mountain Hybrid Camber Snowboard

$640 USD

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5 year warranty Made in the USA 4.9 Google Rating
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Our most anticipated snowboard release.

New for the 2022 Season, the Gilson Hybrid Camber All Mountain design builds on the popularity of our original Pioneer All Mountain board, and offers a new feel for riders who love to explore many types of terrain, tackle side hits all day, and dip into the park now and again.

Flat in the center to give you an incredibly stable ride, and camber under your feet to give you tons of grip and pop coming out of turns.

Combining some of our most-loved technologies, this board gives All Mountain riders the ability to experience the Gilson Butter Pad. Rip it in the pow and dip into the park for a run - this board will have you covered.


Throw me to the wolves and I'll return leading the pack.

Introducing our newest artist collab - The Alpha, designed by Rachel Jung of Rayco Design.

Built on our newest snowboard model - our Hybrid Camber All Mountain, this board is designed to tackle a wide variety of terrain with ease. It leans towards being an amazing all mountain ripper, while still having features that make it fun to search out those side hits or dip into the park now and again.

Every board is fully built in the US, and comes with our industry-leading 5 year warranty.

“Being able to design a snowboard has been a bucket list item for the last few years. It’s an opportunity to bring a little piece of me on the mountain with all of you. It’s the pure stoke of knowing others are enjoying my artwork in adventurous ways! It's what drives this passion."

New snowboard design for 2022

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100 212mm 186mm 458cm
130 261mm 233mm 833cm
140 259mm 219mm 6.51m
145 280mm 223mm 7.34m
150 286mm 246mm 7.85m
155 293mm 251mm 8.16m
160 300mm 253mm 7.93m
160W 309mm 262mm 7.93m
165 302mm 256mm 8.77m
165W 316mm 271mm 8.30m
5 Year
Poplar Hardwood
Hybrid Camber All Mountain
Soft Edge & Butter Pad
Sintered Ptex
10mm Camber
Rachel jung

ARTIST BIO: Rachel Jung

Rachel Jung is a Graphic Designer/Illustrator, adventure addict, dog mom, and the face behind Rayco Design. When she’s not creating illustrations of the outdoor lifestyle, you can find her living in it. She travels and trail blazes, camps in no man's land, seeks adventure of all sorts, and never leaves the dogs behind. The outdoor/adventure culture is such a huge part of her life and the inspiration behind every piece of art.

Rayco Design

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Built to Last. 5-Year Warranty

We only get so many days on the mountain, and we work hard to get there.
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We're here to keep you cruising fast through cold fresh air. Exhilerating performance for the days you dream about most.
Long lasting durability so you can keep crushing it.

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