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CTU Fly By

Limited Edition All Mountain Snowboard


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For people who love tight lines - in the stream and on the mountain.

We've teamed up with one of our favorite grassroots conservation organizations, Colorado Trout Unlimited, and one of the most talented outdoor artists in the world, Nick Laferriere to bring this Special Edition Snowboard to you! For every board built, Gilson Snow will donate $75 to CTU to be used in their conservation efforts to protect and expand populations of native trout in the state of Colorado.

Using Gilson's most versatile All Mountain snowboard model, Nick has designed a board that embodies our passions of getting on the mountain and getting into the river.

With Gilson's Soft Edge, Pow Channel and Central Flex design features, this board will allow you to explore further and have way more fun on the mountain. The combination of this board's cambered profile with our Pow Channel offer one of the most versatile boards on the market. Whether exploring the backcountry or cruising a groomer, the Fly By is well equipped to handle a multitude of terrain and condition combinations.

If matching the hatch and finding powder stashes are both up your alley, the Fly By is a board you need in your quiver.

Board outlines allmountain
Mens 145 280mm 241mm 7.34m
Mens 150 286mm 246mm 7.85m
Mens 155 293mm 251mm 8.16m
Mens 160 300mm 253mm 7.93m
Mens 165 302mm 256mm 8.77m
Mens 165W 316mm 271mm 8.30m
Womens 140 259mm 219mm 6.51m
Womens 145 261mm 223mm 7.35m
Womens 150 267mm 227mm 7.85m
Limited Edition
Poplar Hardwood
All Mountain
Soft Edge & Pow Channel
4001 Sintered Ptex
10mm Camber
Nick laferriere

ARTIST BIO: Nick Laferriere

Hailing from the prairie region of central Canada, Nick Laferriere was raised in the country surrounded by nature. His passion for art started at a very young age with countless hours spent scribbling pictures and getting lost in his works. Many of his hours were spent tracing birds and animals from library books. Eventually he'd traced so many birds that he no longer needed to trace them.

With no formal training in art, Nick learned through trial and error and discovered techniques on his own that best allowed him to achieve the outcomes he desired. Although Nick has tried all forms of mediums, his passion lies with pencils, both graphite and watercolor.

Nick has always been passionate about fishing but it wasn't until he took up fly fishing that he found his calling in drawing fish. He started out by drawing fish in scientific illustrative form. Later, his artwork evolved into natural, swimming poses with great attention to detail. Today, Nick is one of the world's top expert fish artists, and has been commissioned on projects all around the globe. We're thrilled to work with Nick, and couldn't be more thrilled with how this design turned out!

Nick's Work