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Limited Edition All Mountain Snowboard

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Award-winning All Mountain Model

The longest standing Best Seller in the History of Gilson Snow. Our All Mountain design utilizes the latest in high-pressure construction, yielding a high-quality snowboard that loves to explore the entire mountain and charge hard whenever you like. The Gilson Edge and Pow Channel design features enhance your board's contact with the snow, giving you the latest in playful performance handling. On hardpack snow, your Pow Channel flies just above the snow, decreasing your surface area in contact when you don't need it. In Powder, you float down just a fraction of an inch to make contact in your Pow Channel, increasing your surface area for the best of pow surfing. Whether you're carving down a groomer or dropping into the back bowls, the All Mountain is a crowd pleaser that knows how to get serious and charge. With this level of feature-packed performance at $519, it's no surprise that our All Mountain model has held its place as the longest standing Best Seller.


Artist: Chris Leavens

PA made for the PA proud.

Rock this ultra limited edition snowboard made for the Pennsylvania Proud. This board is shaped from Pennsylvania Poplar Hardwood and made start to finish right here in our Keystone State. We ship boards all around the world, but this one is for our home crew. The artwork was created by PA-born artist Chris Leavens and features some of the things that make us proud to call PA home.

This limited edition design is paired with our best selling all mountain performance model that can be found ripping slopes from PA, to New Zealand, to Switzerland, to Japan.

#1 Best Selling Gilson Snowboard of all time. Tried, tested, and rider approved.

Best seller
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Mens 145 280mm 241mm 7.34m
Mens 150 286mm 246mm 7.85m
Mens 155 293mm 251mm 8.16m
Mens 160 300mm 253mm 7.93m
Mens 165 302mm 256mm 8.77m
Mens 165W 316mm 271mm 8.30m
Womens 140 259mm 219mm 6.51m
Womens 145 261mm 223mm 7.35m
Womens 150 267mm 227mm 7.85m
Limited Edition
Poplar Hardwood
All Mountain
Soft Edge & Pow Channel
4001 Sintered Ptex
10mm Camber
Chris leavens

ARTIST BIO: Chris Leavens

PA Born and PSU alumnus, Chris Leavens, creates story-rich artwork with surreal landscapes filled with bizarre monsters and fantastical characters. Heavily inspired by the outdoors, Chris bends the beauty of the natural world through a prism of humor and absurdity, resulting in whimsically-twisted, highly-imaginative images. His art has appeared in art galleries, computer games, books, magazines, TV shows, and feature films. Chris is currently an art director at Disney Learning and is beyond stoked to connect back to his home state with this awesome project.

More from Chris.

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