Limited Edition All Mountain Snowboard


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Artist: Chris Sebo

Using Gilson's most versatile All-Mountain snowboard design we teamed up with Hawaii based artist Chris Sebo to create this truly spectacular board that showcases the vibrant beauty of Hawaii. Displaying a volcano with some lava fading off into the clouds the "Paradise" board makes you think you are in Hawaii while riding the slopes. A detailed mountain with a waterfall trickling down to a swell that a surfer is shredding! At the bottom, a tiki man with the iconic hang loose sign surrounded with white hibiscus flowers. This board combines iconic Hawaiian imagery. The moonrise in Waikiki shows an interesting contrast of the depth of Hawaii and what makes it truly unique.

With Gilson's Soft Edge, Pow Channel and Central Flex design features, this board will allow you to explore further and have way more fun on the mountain. Cruise through the trees, butter your nose, drop a cliff, lick the snow on a full-out carve, send it off a kicker and then take a few turns with your crew.

Experience a board from the snowboard company that has people all over the world buzzing. Handcrafted, and delivered directly to your doorstep. Order yours today!

Board outlines allmountain
Mens 145 280mm 241mm 7.34m
Mens 150 286mm 246mm 7.85m
Mens 155 293mm 251mm 8.16m
Mens 160 300mm 253mm 7.93m
Mens 165 302mm 256mm 8.77m
Mens 165W 316mm 271mm 8.30m
Womens 140 259mm 219mm 6.51m
Womens 145 261mm 223mm 7.35m
Womens 150 267mm 227mm 7.85m
Limited Edition
Poplar Hardwood
All Mountain
Soft Edge & Pow Channel
4001 Sintered Ptex
10mm Camber
Chris sebo

ARTIST BIO: Chris Sebo

In this piece, you will find 'Paradise' though Christopher Michael Sebo's eyes. Using spray paints from the can itself, using both hands at the same time, different textile materials like crumpled up newspaper, saucers, torn poster boards, bottle caps, brushes, plastic wrap and whatever else he could find that gives a more profound effect to the canvas. The tremendous detail he creates can be compared to a traditional painter creating distinguish strokes with a brush on canvas only here the techniques start very different. The process begins with a quick stoke spray paint across the canvas, then another here and there building layers of paint, then using the textile materials to rub, scrape, and blend the paint all of a sudden, like a magician with final act to awe you, a spectacular visual appears before your eyes!

Without any formal art training, Chris is consistently developing new techniques to create the desired effects with the paint that match his imagination. You can visit Chris's imagination easily just by taking a look at the wide range of paintings from realistic, surreal, fantasy-like dreamscapes, landscapes, the ocean and its waves in seascapes, wildlife even the outer space, all with expressions of tender explosiveness they seem to reflect a sense of peace and calm in each of them. Sebo's art has been showcased online, newspapers, magazines, and television shows. Enjoy Mahalo!

Chris Sebo's Art