Sea to sky youth large

Sea to Sky Youth

Youth Freestyle Rocker Snowboard

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Adult boards, just little.

At Gilson Snow, each one of our youth boards is made by the same people and with the exact same processes and raw materials as our ultra strong and durable adult boards.

We know it's rare to see a youth board cost almost as much as an adult board, and if you're looking for a more affordable option or don't need this level of durability, there are tons of great options out there.

These boards are specifically designed for the young shredder who wants adult-level performance and is tired of destroying board after board, especially ones that might feel more like toys.

The Gilson youth line offers peak performance and lasting durability, guaranteed.


Inspired by British Columbia's beauty.

We've teamed up with local Artist/Outdoor Enthusiast/Legend - Kate Zessel, to bring you a snowboard design that captures all of the things that she loves about her home. Look closely at all of the detail packed into this design!

With Gilson's Soft Edge, Butter Pad and Central Flex design features, this board will allow you to explore further and have way more fun on the mountain. Cruise through the trees, butter your nose, drop a cliff, lick the snow on a full-out carve, send it off a kicker and then take a few turns with your crew.

Experience a board from the snowboard company that has people all over the world buzzing. Handcrafted and delivered directly to your doorstep. Order yours today!

#1 Snowboard to accelerate your progression. A rider favorite since 2015.

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100 212mm 186mm 458cm
110 232mm 202mm 539cm
120 255mm 222mm 600cm
130 261mm 233mm 833cm
Poplar Hardwood
Freestyle - Rocker
Soft Edge & Butter Pad
4001 Sintered Ptex
Kate zessel

ARTIST BIO: Kate Zessel

Kate Zessel is a local Whistler artist, drawing inspiration from the natural wonder and surroundings that she calls home. Originally from Vancouver, she made the move from weekend warrior to pursue her mountain life full time. Putting pen to paper allows her to capture moments of her adventures into visual pieces.

You can find her unique blend of intricate line work, patterns and nature hanging proudly on the walls of local art events, adorning the top-sheets of skis and snowboards, and as graphics for well known outdoors brands.

“Being able to bring inspiration from my home to something tangible on the snow is one of my passions. I am extremely honoured to have designed the first Canadian Gilson graphic that showcases Whistler.”

Zessel Designs

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Built to Last. 5-Year Warranty

We're here to keep you Flying High and Sliding Smooth.
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Snowboards that will take a beating, because we know what you put your equipment through.

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